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ESSER by Honeywell Interactive Intelligent Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

• Reliable and early fire detection with patented multisensor technology

• Automatic adaptation to changing environmental conditions

• Automatic monitoring of all sensors to guarantee operational capacity and correct condition
• Short-circuit tolerent through integrated loop isolators

• Signal patterns of non-fire situations eliminated by using special filter algorithms

• Integrated counters for fire, faults and operating time

• Easy installation and programming

• Efficient power management results in extremely low battery capacity requirement in fire alarm panels

Esser by Honeywell Interactive Intelligent Detector Series (96Kb. Brochure) 
Esser by Honeywell Wireless Detectors (1,16Mb. Brochure)
Esser by Honeywell Systems Products (4,51Mb. General Katalog)

                   NEW DETECTOR SERIES : Esser by Honeywell OT blue Detectors

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  Our new series Esser IQ8QUAD
OTblue Detectors
Blue Light Technology to:
* The Fast and sensitive detection is performed.
* Minimum false alarm risk.
* Unlike a Ýyonizasyon detector
does not contain radioactive sources.
* Wired and Wireless Fire Alarm
Detector System ..
VDA's new system : Active 3
Interactive TV System, with advanced
technological features are available for
your appreciation.
* Pay TV and Video on Demand
* Internet surfing
* Send and receive e-mail and Chat
* Interactive video games... More

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