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   IQ MultiAccess – the outstanding access control software– offers almost endless possibilities of use thanks to the numerous combinations of the available hardware and
software functions.

    The completely new concept offers the control of different locations via one system. Locations can be either several sites of a company, several companies within a building / building complex / business parks or several individual companies that use a common access control system. Different types of controllers/ terminals, connection and reading techniques can also be managed per location. State of the art: SQL database link. IQ MultiAccess is supplied with a licence-free SQL database “Firebird”. Its installation, management and maintenance require no knowledge of databases as IQ MultiAccess performs
all three itself.

    Furthermore, links are also possible to existing databases (MS SQL, IBM DB/2, ORACLE).Tailor-made:Simple operation, clear and precise arrangement and data protection are guaranteed by a hierarchical user organization.The superuser has all rights within the system, personnel managers only manage persons within the system, location managers only have access to the location allocated to them and these rights can also be specially defined.At a glance: All important functions and information are displayed on one screen page.

   What you see is what you get
   In addition to the factory settings, all lists can individually be created,sorted and filtered, easily by drag and drop.All the filters itselfs can as well becreated individually. The print out of all lists is exactly as displayed on screen.

   Supplementary lists and filters created once can be saved with an arbitrary name and reused anytime. Last but not least, there are export functions to the data formats EXCEL, TXT, HTML and XML.

   Not only a new start, but also the change from our well-proved access control systems EnterpriseAccess 2000, MultiAccess Lite and MultiAccess for Windows V7 SP1 inclusive data transfer is possible.

IQ8 Multiaccess Control Software Broshure (2,11Mb)
Honeywell Access Control General Catalog (5Mb)

Honeywell Access Control Systems
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