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Moser Baer Mobatime Time Centres Systems
MOBALine is the new standard for time distribution.

The concept:
MOBALine is a two wire transmission system for
maintenance-free self-setting slave clocks and
remotely synchronized computer based systems.

MOBALine sets the time of:
• Self-setting digital and analogue slave clocks
• Computer based systems
• Relays: switching of remotely located loads such as light, heat, bells, etc …
• Any system designed to be synchronized by DCF antenna
• Any system designed to be synchronized by DCF-FSK or IRIG-B code

MOBALine’s advantages:
• Data transmission with self-correcting code
• Two wire low voltage cable for data and power
• Maintenance-free centralised time distribution
• New slave clocks may be installed under power MOBALine is already well established:
• In many different fields such as railways,subways, airports, industries, administration
buildings, hospitals, schools …

MOBALine Applications Time Code Receivers:
Satellite receivers for world wide reception for all master clocks and master time centers.
Radio receivers (for Europe only) for all master clocks.

Wireless Time Distribution
The new dimension of time distribution technology offers...

High flexibility for new time systems or the extension of existing clock systems in a convenient way.

Simple and economic installation - therefore essential cost savings.

High reliability in time synchronization over distances of up to 200 m.

Versatile application e.g. in historic buildings under monument protection, low cost wireless installation for small clock systems e.g. in schools, simple retrofitting of existing clock systems in buildings and open-plan offices, extension of existing wired clock systems.

The WTD transmitter can be easily integrated in cable ducts (plastic).

Use of unlimited number of slave clocks within the range of a transmitter.

Moser Baer Wireless Time Distribution (727,9KB) 
Mobaline Broshure (416KB)


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