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     Company Profile PASO S.p.a. is an industrial company born in 1973 thanks to the enthusiast work of managers and technicians coming from the historic Milan company GELOSO S.p.A., which had been present in the Public Address international markets since 1931.
PASO S.p.A has acquired and developed a design, engineering and industrial know-how in more than 70 years of activity, which has consolidated by means of a continuous research of audio innovation through technology.

     As in the recent past, the Italian-American bond is still alive; this link was born in 1974 with the establishing of PASO SOUND PRODUCTS Inc. in New York, aimed at activating a collaboration and a technical-specialized exchange to let the Company grow further.
PASO S.p.A. has inherited GELOSO S.p.A. patents and its fund of technical knowledge, competence and experience..

    The “AULA” brand was introduced in 2000 to present a new series of professional products for the conference market. PASO S.p.A. is one of the few Companies in the world that designs, industrializes and produces Their products all on its own.

    This is not a fortuitous choice, based on “MADE IN ITALY” quality and commitment, in accordance with the philosophy of the Company, that aims at being not a simple dealer, but Leader and Partner of the Customers, able to study and create – if necessary – customized solutions.

Paso Audio Products and Systems General Catalog (16Mb)

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