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    Polytron Satellite Master Antenna Systems (SMATV)


    For more than four decades, Polytron based in the Black Forest in Germany has designed and manufactured high quality TV/Radio reception and distribution systems. With the introduction of SMTV during the sixties, Polytron started to develop and produce high quality active and passive signal distribution components.

    Today, Polytron manufactures, among other things, a complete system of innovative amplifiers incl. return path for broadband communication. Polytron is one of the pioneers in the field of satellite reception and distribution and especially well known for its SAT-headends and converter systems for satellite IF. With the expertise gained in head-end technology for MATV and CATV systems, our ability to satisfy the increasing demands from our customers for TV transmitters and transposers started over ten years ago. Since then, more than 1.000 systems have been installed in many parts of the world. Applications for POLYTRON`s series of low and medium power TV transmitters and transposers include signal-booster links and satellite-fed TV transmitter networks. Our modular design approach allows us to configure individual systems, which are then built to customers specifications. While meeting international standards, the systems are designed to be operated with ease, and in the unlikely event that service would ever be required can be serviced on-site without specialised equipment. Our company takes pride in offering quality at moderate prices.

Our Polytron SMATV Products;

Distribution Units
Main Line Amplifiers
AV Digital Converters
Signal Splitters
Satellite TV Antennas

Polytron Headend Systems Technical Catalog (997KB)

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