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    Sanyo Camera Control Systems (CCTV)

    SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a global, leading provider of energy, environment and lifestyle applications.
    SANYO covers a broad range of products and services such as rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic systems,biomedical equipment, HVAC/R systems, digital imaging devices, home appliances, electronic componentsand others. For further information, please visit SANYO's web site at

    SANYO Sales & Marketing Europe GmbH, headquartered in Munich, was established in 2009 on the basis of the German sales company which had already been set up in 1977 and is a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co.Ltd. As European headquarters, the company coordinates all marketing and sales activities in Europe for theenergy solutions business as well as the product ranges projectors, LCD monitors, consumer electronics,digital imaging and voice recorders, in addition to security and surveillance technology.

    The Digital Imaging division has been represented successfully on the European market since 2003 under the brand Xacti. Xacti Dual Cameras are synonymous with compact and innovative design of a high technological standard. SANYO was, for example, the first manufacturer to launch a camcorder in vertical form factor onto the market. Since 2009, as pioneer in the SD camcorder sector, SANYO has also been marketing camcorders in the traditional horizontal design. The Xacti line-up includes cameras with a brilliantfull HD true progressive resolution, robust waterproof models and lifestyle camcorders in slim design.
Further information on SANYO Sales & Marketing Europe is available online at:

    SANYO launched its range of real time Full HD cameras at the end of 2009. The nine cameras are collectively designed to provide a solution for virtually any project with vandal resistant domes, PTZ cameras and a zoom camera included in the range, as well as a choice of three fixed cameras with CS mounts to provide a choice of lens. HD cameras can, for example, in many cases do the same job as four standard CCTV cameras thereby offering considerable financial savings without impeding the performance of the overall system. In many such cases, HD cameras and connectivity can enhance the system performance by offering superb quality images which, together with built-in video analytics, take what a CCTV system can deliver to a much higher level.

Sanyo 2010 CCTV Products Catalog (4,67Mb. General Katalog)

                                     Live Demo Sanyo IP Cameras and Full HD Cameras (by Link)

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