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    The VDA system may be personalised and configured into a host of solutions that meet individual requirements. It is equipped with a modular structure that may easily be updated by simply replacing the terminal that has been inserted into a slot at the rear of the TV set and then upgrading the software in the central control unit/server. The system is very easy to use, both for the guest and for personnel, because it features an intuitive menu and software that guides users as they consult the various pages and displays.
PowerTV is a revolutionary “In-room iTV” system that can allow high-speed Internet access directly available on the TV set in the room, but without the typical limitations of old-style “channel allocation” systems. It is a real miniaturised NetworkComputer that is designed for easy Plug&Play installation into a Power TV open-architecture TV set, which has a slot in the back for accepting the interactive card. The TV set thus becomes a true intelligent terminal that can dialogue with its central server over the normal existing antenna system.

     Satellite System,New digital excitement with clarity

     Films for PAY-TV via satellite: providing breathtaking high brilliance picture and sound quality. The VDA SATELLITE SYSTEM is new and will revolutionise the hotel PAY-TV service. What is more, it is compatible with all VDA PowerTV systems. Say goodbye to those old video cassettes and enjoy the ten advantages of VDA’s digital technology via satellite. That’s right, ten advantages! And besides offering guests remarkable quality, VDA’s SATELLITE SYSTEM provides you with the exceptional convenience of a solution that manages everything by itself. With the power of satellite, it is easy to reach the stars.

     10 advantages of VDA’s Satellite System;

1. Top-quality digital audio and video.
2. Quality that will not degrade over time and repeated usage.
3. An increasingly wide, expandable range of channels and programs.
4. Increased PAY-TV income.
5. No manual operations required for control of the system.
6. No need for hotel personel’s intervention.
7. No “monthly cassette to return or destruction report”
8. Programming errors are obsolete.
9. Elimination of possible logistics problems.
10. Maximum satisfaction for the guest.

     The Laptop Connectivity system can be used to connect to the Internet:

1. In the room
where a cat 5 cable is provided. Simply insert the cable into the PC and it’s done! The VDA server will automatically accommodate your guests’ laptop network parameters and settings, so there is no need for your guest to perform manual operations. The charge for the service is assessed using the convenient “Pay per Day” plan available 24/7, which is calculated from noon until noon on the following day. The same charge also pays for Web surfing directly on the TV set using VDA’s PowerTV platform, as well as on the PC.
2. In public areas
using a wireless connection or over a cable. For non resident guests this service is paid for using a prepaid card that guests can purchase at the reception desk. Residents can also take advantage of the wireless service. If the guest’s PC is not equipped with wireless capability, the hotel can even furnish the guest with an adapter.

VDA Power TV Broshure (1 Mb)
VDA Interactive Hotel TV Systems General Info (14,6 Mb) 

                             VDA Interactive Hotel TV (Power TV) DEMO
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                            VDA Interactive Hotel  TV Demo

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